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"Jasmine's Magic Carpet Ride"

Once upon a time, there was a tiny 4 pound dog found walking down the side of a highway. A good Samaritan stopped to help her and was shocked at her condition. Without hesitation, we rushed to Animal Services to save her, sight unseen. Her fur was so matted it was impossible to know the extent of her injuries until x-rays were done. We were all saddened to learn that under all of that fur was a massive bone infection requiring the removal of her front leg.

We chose to name her Princess Jasmine and promised her a whole new world. We did not have a Genie in a lamp but we did have our volunteers and supporters who make magic happen. Grooming took hours to accomplish prior to surgery; then, afterwards, she moved to a medical foster home. Jasmine adjusted very well during rehabilitation; however, we later discovered she also had a ruptured tendon in one of rear legs requiring further treatment.

Through it all, Jasmine inspired us with her determination and spirit. Thanks to our volunteers and Giving Challenge 16 donors believing in the “Power of One”, Jasmine is now the queen of her castle and lives “Happily Ever After”. Saving Jasmine didn’t change the world, but it did change the world for Jasmine!

Will you “Be The One” to help us continue changing the world one dog at a time?

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