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Where do the dogs at Canine Castaways come from?


The dogs with Canine Castaways come to us from a variety of places and reasons.  The majority of our dogs are rescued from animal services in Desoto, Lee, Collier, Sarasota, Manatee & Hillsborough Counties where they were confiscated for cruelty, surrendered by their prior family or found as a stray.  We also take dogs from the public as space allows.  Veterinarians also contact us periodically to take a dog whose owner can't afford care so that it is saved from euthanasia.   For legal reasons, we do not typically take "stray" dogs.  Those dogs need to go to animal services in the county they were found so they have a chance to be located by their owner.   Despite what many people believe, we have found that the staff at Animal Services works very hard to find placement for the dogs in their care.

Where are the dogs and how can I meet them?


Canine Castaways does not operate from an open to public shelter facility, dogs are boarded at our rescue facility. Meetings are by appointment only after your application has been processed and approved. We try very hard to place dogs in foster homes throughout Desoto, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Collier counties. For various reasons, we do not set up meetings until your application has been approved.

How long does the adoption process take?


The time frame varies on each application as some areas are harder to find a volunteer to do a home visit.   We begin processing your application immediately and many times approval will be within the week.  Once your application is received, your property ownership will be verified and your vet reference called.  If all is in order, your application will then be forwarded to a volunteer to set up a home visit and discuss the dog you are interested in.   After you are approved for a dog, you will be invited to meet the dog at a date and time convenient to the foster family or at an adoption event.  Please remember, we are all volunteers who give our time after work & caring for our families.  Life does sometimes get in the way and cause unforeseen delays.

Why aren't the dogs free?  


Ethical rescues spay or neuter, vaccinate, heartworm test, and provide a loving home for these dogs while they wait for their forever family. Keep in mind that rescues are not funded with tax dollars to pay these expenses but are private organizations operated by volunteers and from donations. Adoption donations do not cover all expenses with many of the dogs but do help to defray the cost. Consider if you were to take a dog to the vet to be altered, health checked, heartworm tested, brought up to date on shots, etc. What would this cost you?

How much does it cost to adopt?


Our standard adoption donations are as follows:

ADULT (1 to 7 years)          $300

PUPPY  (up to 1 year)         $400

SENIOR (8 years & older)    $150


However, there are times that an adoption donation may vary if the dog's adoption has been sponsored.  If a dog's adoption has been sponsored, it will be indicated on their page.

Why do you require a home visit?


Some times the dog you are interested in may not be a good fit for your household.   We conduct a home visit to help us learn more about a potential family in order to make a good match with one of our dogs. At this time, the home visit volunteer may be able to make suggestions to allow for a smoother transition for a new dog.     This is also an opportunity for the potential adopters to ask questions.

What's included with an adopted dog?


All of our dogs are vet checked including spayed or neutered; heartworm tested (preventive dispensed if negative and treatment started if positive); up to date on vaccinations (rabies, parvo, distemper); blood work performed; urinalysis; placed on flea/tick preventative if needed; dewormed and provided with any other medical care necessary (dentals, surgeries, etc).   All dogs have a numbered stainless steel Canine Castaways ID tag and are also microchipped for permanent identification.  All vet records are provided to the adopter along with the remainder of the 6 month supply of heartworm preventive dispensed.   

What if more than one person wants to adopt the same dog?


Many times there will be more than one application for a specific dog but we strive to match each dog with the most appropriate family.  We do not place dogs on a first come, first served basis. Each potential home is evaluated based on the dog's needs to insure the home they go to is truly a “forever home” where they will not only be loved, but well cared for physically and emotionally.   If multiple applications are equally suitable for the same dog, we will then use the application date and time as a deciding factor.

Can I take the dog overnight or foster the dog to see if I want to adopt?


We encourage people who are on the fence about adoption to consider fostering a dog.   If you are seriously interested in adopting a certain dog, this is not a way to "test drive" the dog prior to adoption because we may have applications already pending.   Since our adoption contract allows for a dog to be returned within 30 calendar days for a full refund regardless of the reason, we do not "foster to adopt" or allow overnight visits.   

What happens if it doesn't work out?


Our adoption contract allows for a dog to be returned within 30 calendar days for a full refund regardless of the reason; otherwise, all donations are non-refundable after that time.   If for any reason you decide you no longer can keep your adopted dog, the dog MUST be returned to Canine Castaways no matter how long you have had the dog.

What should I do if I find a lost dog?


1. Take the dog to a local vet to be scanned for a microchip.

2. Post signs in the area. Include a vague description but no photo.
3. Call area vets, groomers and pet resorts.

4. Post on Craig's List and/or Facebook Lost and Found pages for your area.
5. Contact Animal Services for your county.

What should I do if I lost my dog?


1. Post signs (with photos if possible) in the area immediately.
2. Contact Animal Services for your county.
3. Contact all area rescue groups. Search on Petfinder by your zip code.

4. Check Craig's List and Facebook Lost and Found pages for your area.
5. Call area vets, groomers and pet resorts.

What if I think I see my dog on the Canine Castaways Website/Facebook page?


The majority of the dogs with Canine Castaways come from Animal Services. These dogs have waited out their hold time and were in danger of euthanasia. At that point, Animal Services had legal custody of the dog and it was transferred to Canine Castaways. If you believe that a dog listed is your missing pet, please contact us immediately. We will require proof of ownership such as vet records and photographs and payment for any medical expenses.

Can Canine Castaways re-home my dog?


We primarily handle dogs weighing under 30 pounds; however, we do take in larger dogs as space allows.  The majority of our dogs are rescued from euthanasia at a shelter and foster space is very limited.   If you are in need of re-homing your dog, CLICK HERE.   Be sure to provide as much information as possible about the dog and the reason for re-homing.   If we can help, somebody will get back to you within the week.

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