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Changing the World One Dog

      at a Time Since 2003!

In 2003, we weren't sure if one person could make a difference but we knew that we wanted to see change. So we founded Canine Castaways with the motto "Saving one dog won't change the world but it will change the world for that dog". When we rescued a tiny, sick chihuahua puppy who we named Uno our world changed.

Since then we have rescued over 2300 dogs. We know that there is a home out there for every dog we rescue and will wait patiently until it is found. We try very hard to place dogs in their "forever home"; however, there are times that things don't work out. When we rescue a dog, we are committed to that dog for its entire life and will never hesitate to accept one of our castaways back into our care. Our focus is on quality of care rather than the number of dogs saved. We are very proud to work closely with our team of veterinarians to ensure each dog rescued receives the best medical care possible. If it's needed, it's done! Of course, this does lead to the challenge of constant fundraising but at 16 years old, Uno still reminded us that the extra work is worth it to change the world one dog at a time. (Uno passed away July 4th, 2020)

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                           MISSION STATEMENT


Changing the world one at risk dog at a time while reducing the need for euthanasia at shelters throughout our area!

                          GOALS AND OBJECTIVES



  • Work in conjunction with area animal control and welfare agencies to rescue dogs in need

  • Focus on dogs, primarily under 30 pounds, with no other hope

  • Take in owner surrendered dogs as space allows



  • Have all dogs checked by veterinarian for wellness & treated accordingly

  • Help dogs with special needs such as broken bones, heartworm positive, mange, diabetes

  • Address behavior and training issues prior to adoption 



  • Require completion of adoption application with references

  • Conduct a home visit and veterinary check of each applicant

  • Base adoption approvals on the needs of each individual dog and family 



  • Provide educational information on topics such as:

    • Pet Overpopulation / Puppy Mills

    • Importance of Spaying/Neutering Pets

    • Responsible Pet Care

    • Heartworm Disease and Preventative

    • Animal Cruelty and Abuse

  • Inform all adopters of adjustment issues for rescued dog and new family

Over 2,300 dogs rescued in seventeen years!

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