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"Boelter's Bunch" Adoption Program


One of our supporters began "Boelter's Bunch" in 2018. This very special adoption program sponsors our senior or long term dogs. She writes..."Dr. Dennis Boelter owned Akron (Ohio) Animal Clinic and Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (Akron, Ohio) for 43 years. He was my veterinarian and personal hero for 30 years. A tragic accident took Dr. Boelter’s life in December of 2017. Memories of his kindness, compassion and friendship will live in my heart forever."















Wow!  This means all you have to do to take one of these dogs home is submit an adoption application and have a good home visit/vet check. The adoption donation will be paid for you!  Any extra donation made will help cover the medical expenses involved with many of our senior dogs. 

Boelter's Bunch Adoptions - 2018

Boelter Bunch adopted updated.jpg

Boelter's Bunch Adoptions - 2019

Boelters Bunch 2019.jpg

Boelter's Bunch Adoptions - 2020

Boelters Bunch 2020.jpg
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