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Foster homes are such a vital part of our organization since we operate through a network of foster homes rather than a shelter facility. One person CAN make a difference in the life of a dog. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save. Sometimes it may be hard to let go when an adoptive family is found; however, it is very emotionally rewarding to know that you have helped save not only the life of the dog you fostered but you have made room for another dog to be rescued. Please consider opening your heart and home to a dog while it waits for its “forever family”.


Becoming a foster home is EASY and the biggest way that you can help. First, complete our foster application and then a volunteer will contact you for a home visit. At that time, we will go over what is involved with being a foster home and discuss how involved you would like to be in the adoption process. Once you have your foster dog, it is important to be patient and allow time to adjust to the new surroundings. As a foster parent, you will play an important part in a successful adoption by observing the habits of the dog and helping to determine the type of home that would be best suited for the dog.

Canine Castaways covers all medical needs and even provides a dog crate, toys, food and other supplies if needed. The foster family only needs to provide LOVE.   Help make a difference today!!  Submit the application below for more information.




Adopt!  Don't Shop!

Please keep in mind that our primary veterinarian is

located in Arcadia and transportation for care may be necessary.

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